Reincarnation Therapy

I use reincarnation therapy for changing undesired behavioral patterns, that people cannot change easily with their conscious minds. These patterns can have their origin in a forgotten past, enabling them to live their subconscious lives. The concepts of past and time have a very wide meaning in this therapy. "Past" may be childhood and infancy, but also past lives. And the collective memory of mankind as well, which contains so much suffering, unjustice, spiritual suppression and war. People who have access to the collective memory can be severely effected by this. It is like a thick crust in mankind's spiritual digestive system.
During reincarnation therapy I guide my client to events from the past that have to be dealt with. It is also a process of turning inwards and discovering the individual and collective subconscious, where so many treasures are waiting to be unearthed. Treasures of ancient powers, wisdom and unison. Connecting to it helps to shape everyday life in the way that you desire!
Reincarnation therapy can be applied to many issues of which I will only mention a few: fear, compulsive behaviour, powerlessness, being victim or offender, themes concerning religion and sex, feelings of meaninglessness, grief, unexplicable sorrow and physical complaints. Complaints may come from a traumatised past, but may just as well be caused by recent events, like medical surgery, an accident or the death of someone close. The technique is also useful for treating light addictions and strengthening self-esteem. I also welcome people who are simply eager to learn more about their past lives or inner world.


Experiental Astrology - the Floor Circle

The Floor Circle is a playful way of working with astrology. It combines a very old universal method with modern techniques like voice dialogue, NLP and reincarnation, and works also when an ancient past is concerned. The Floor Circle or Floor Chart functions like a map of the character structure that remained partly yours through time. The method is very refreshing and dynamic as it focuses on actual questions from daily life, concerning issues like love, carreer and goals. One experiences insights by moving physically to different positions in the Circle on the floor. Children love this technique and are fascinated by it. For adults it is a very new way of looking inward as their own actions determine the outcome, while normally everything is predestined by the astrological chart. The Floor Circle can be used for indivduals, couples, friends and group sessions.


Mallika Alberts

I am called Mallika Alberts. I started practicing astrology thirty years ago, when I was 18. During a course in India to become an advanced experiental astrologer (1990), I discovered that people are influenced by other dimensions, dimensions from other times and other personalities which have a strong effect on the person. People call this past lives. This accelerated the process of recollecting my own past lives. At that time, however, I didn't feel capable to work with these dimensions effectively, though they fascinated me tremendously. From 1992 till 1995, I followed a three year course Reincarnation and Hypnotherapy after which I qualified for a profession that I still love.
I started practising meditation and hypnotherapy when I was still very young. Later on I added Reiki, flower remedies and some natural healing, all of which I combine with reincarnation therapy and astrology. I consider my middle age (50) to be a blessing. After a life of pioneering, sometimes not knowing where my passion was coming from, the pieces start to fall in place. Giving concrete results, for myself and for others.

If you like to contact me, please write to or call 06-53873824.